Bath Heritage Days Parking Map – 2019

Make parking your car part of experiencing Bath! The further you walk, the more you experience. Bath is a beautiful city, take time to notice things you might not have thought to. Architecture, trees, plaques, gardens… share what you notice on Instagram: #experiencebath #bathheritagedays

Park at Morse High School and walk downtown; it’s only 9 minutes to Waterfront Park! Or park in a neighborhood filled with historic houses. (please do not block driveways and honor privacy).

If you live in town or can bring bikes from out of town and park in a neighborhood, there will be plenty of bike racks throughout the festival.

Many businesses have agreed to allow parking during non-working hours. Please honor the hours listed on the map.

For 2-4 hour day parking available downtown, check out the Downtown Parking Map.

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Bath Heritage Days & Music Festival